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Pioneers News · “Safety for All”- Sandy High Football Events

September 13, 2017

Dear parent,

We’re always happy to see such great community support for Sandy High football! Our games are well-attended, and our athletes are uplifted by their fans. However, we need to address some recurring issues regarding unsupervised youth attending our games.

Some of the younger students attending the games are behaving inappropriately and causing safety concerns. We currently have school administrators, security staff, and reserve police officers on site to monitor and supervise during the games. But with the large number of fans, and the access to areas surrounding the stadium that are difficult to continuously monitor, we need to make adjustments to ensure everyone’s safety.

For the remainder of this football season, only high school students will be allowed to attend football games (Freshman, JV, Varsity) without parent supervision. We will check students at the gate for high school ID or parent supervision. We understand this is a social event for many of our middle school students. To accommodate them, extra bleachers will be set up at the east end of the stadium in the red rocks area; however – parent supervision will be required wherever your child is on the campus.

It is great to see so many students show an interest in our high school teams, so let’s work together to ensure they have a fun, safe environment for cheering-on our athletes.

Thank you,

Kim Ball, Sandy High Principal
Aaron Bayer, Superintendent